Chris Dec

YellowMomI’ve been designing and making beaded jewelry for over 30 years. I search for vintage and rare beads and components from all corners of the globe, and love to read about the origin of the vintage beads. It has been an in-depth lesson in history, which I continue with curiosity and passion.
I love designing. Many of the old beads I use in my designs are from old Czecho-Slovakia, Venice (Murano), old China, like the old Peking glass, pre-war and older Japan and Tibet. Some newer beads are from Kenya, Ghana and USA crafters.

I am constantly creating new pieces. Many are made with rare beads that are no longer being made and hard to find, so that many of my designs are one of a kind.

Custom orders are welcome, color substitutions, or conversion to clip-on earring wires, posts, French wires.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for 30 years. I studied Fine Arts at State University of New York at Oswego, and the New School in New York City. I enjoy painting, pastel drawing, photography and photo enhancement along with pastel portraits from photos.

I’ve studied bead jewelry crafting at several classes with various teachers on the East and West coasts. My research into the history of beads is ongoing.

Many of my earrings and necklaces are made with solid brass or solid copper. Read more about copper on this site’s MATERIALS page.

AND look for me on FaceBook under the name:  Christine Dec

I can be emailed at


4 thoughts on “Chris Dec

  1. I absolutely love my 1930’s chain with the black hills diamond dust attached in the antique pendant, that I purchased at the Forestville Tuesday Farmers Mkt recently. Can you tell me more about it?

    • Hi Jamie! So great to hear from you. Yes absolutely I can tell you more. I created this technique, and call it Black Diamond Dust Druzy Mosaic. I fell in love with the diamond dust, its dark depth that reveals itself in the sun as true diamond that it is. I wanted to use it in my jewelry and began to experiment with enamels and the diamond dust, swirling it to make one of a kind, druzy-like jewels. Now, if you don’t know what druzy is, basically it is gemstone crystals in rock, similar to a rock geode, that when cracked open, reveals amethyst or citrine or ruby or emerald crystals. I love to use vintage brass settings, like your necklace, and find that the timeless look of diamond complements the rich history of these brass pendants. Thank you for loving it so, and I hope to see you again this spring at the Forestville Farmers Market. I will try to keep the info on when it starts, and where it will be held, current.

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