Chain Necklaces

Carina2Chains and Pendants

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Some of the chains I have found to accompany pendants are so gorgeous, people have purchased just the chain to wear alone. This is especially true of my man customers, who like some of the heftier chains.

This solid brass vintage snake chain is so slinky and supple, it flows like slippery liquid in your hand.  It’s beautifully made, smooth, with no areas to catch or pinch. The finish color is great… a little darkened with true age  – not artificially coated. The solid brass clasp is my own design, hand wrought and hammered. This one is 26″ long, but I can make them in any length you specify… even bracelet sized… and different type closures, or no closure at all, just a joining of a ring, so that it slips over your head.

The selection of possible pendants on this vintage necklace (upper right) were fun to look at. The final piece selected by my client was the oval locket… and I agree that was a spectacular choice.  [Click on small image to see enlargement]

NL0047  NL0047detail  NL0048

Wedding Necklace




NL0056The Victorian oval pendant is a solid brass 1930s oval cab set into a brass setting and topped with a vintage brass wire bead. It hangs from a brass rolo chain; it can be made any length. 26″ long with no clasp so it slips over the head.

The Art Deco brass pendant from the 1920s on vintage chain with vintage (pre-war Japan) opalite glass beads. The necklace was a special order wedding gift to the bride.

The multi colored Swarovski crystal on vintage silver chain with silver clasp was a special order.





NL0037NL0046med NL0045alt NL0038NL0045 NL0044 NL0043 NL0040alt NL0036 NL0034 NL0033 NL0032 NL0031 NL0029 NL0028 NL0027


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