Earrings, Copper

Please email me at chrisdec@sonic.net to special order.

ALSO, check out my Schedule page to see places I am selling jewelry in consignment shops and Markets and Fairs I will be attending during the year!

ERCP0083 ERCP0084ERCP0082


ERCP0080 ERCP0080alt



ERCP0070 ERCP0067 ERCP0066 ERCP0063 ERCP0064 ERCP0065alt ERCP0072 ERCP0060B ERCP0062 ERCP0061 ERCP0068 ERCP0069 ERCP0071 ERCP0060A ERCP0060 ERCP0059 ERCP0058 ERCP0057 ERCP0056 ERCP0048 ERCP0049 ERCP0050 ERCP0051 ERCP0052 ERCP0053 ERCP0054 ERCP0047 ERCP0046 ERCP0045 ERCP0044 ERCP0043 ERCP0042 ERCP0035 ERCP0036 ERCP0037 ERCP0038 ERCP0039 ERCP0040 ERCP0041 ERCP0033 ERCP0032 ERCP0030 ERCP0028 ERCP0026 ERCP0018 ERCP0020 ERCP0021 ERCP0022 ERCP0023 ERCP0024 ERCP0025 ERCP0017 ERCP0016 ERCP0015 ERCP0014 ERCP0013 ERCP0012 ERCP0011sold ERCP0002 ERCP0003 ERCP0004 ERCP0005 ERCP0001


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