Short Earrings / Light Earrings



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Short and Sweet

Randy Newman pinpointed the problem… short people. I am nearly 6 feet tall… but I have lots of shorter gal friends who have asked me to make smaller earrings. Here are some that are designed to be sweet and petite.

Many of my longer earrings can be adapted and made shorter… without changing the grace and balance of the original design. A smaller bead, a flatter, squatter spacer, a closer connection to the ear wire… I have removed up to a half inch of length with these tricks, and would be happy to do this adjustment for you.


And if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders…

Another request I get is for lighter weight earrings, and I am actively looking for and buying components that will allow me to design larger, bolder statement earrings that are lighter weight. Stones that are cut into flatter and thinner slices, materials like amber, horn, bone, and clay and components that are thinner stamped brass, along with hollow beads, all help.

If you find a design that is great for you but too long, or you fear may be too heavy, let me now and I will determine if it can be shortened easily or made with other materials. Either email me at, or leave a comment below with your email address.

These last six are longer, yet are very light in weight, for those who like long earrings but not the weight of most larger ones. Made with lighter components, the first has a very thin gunmetal finish cone and very thin lavender crackled agate; the second is lightweight natural horn, the third, crackled white natural horn, followed by coral, a lovely vintage thin brass stamping and last, faience, a type of clay used in ancient Egypt. These hand carved scarabs are particularly nicely tinged with a turquoise blush.

Items shown may not be available at Etsy Store. If that’s the case, please email me at to order.


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